Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it is wrong.  No matter how fast light travels,  it find darkness has always gotten there first and waiting for it.  – Terry Pratchett

I couldn’t ask for more. 

Alhamdulillah wa astaghfirullah for every single thing.  For every ups and downs. 

For every breaking moment to the point I can’t stop crying. 

For every tears cascading my own eyes. 

For every thunders and rainbow. 

I turn back to Allah the Almighty. 

I may not achieved everything that I want to.

But I have everything what Allah want me to. 

May 2016 shaped me to be a more grateful ‘abid. 

A more dutiful caliph of Allah. 

Everyone has a different story. 

But the story is perfectly directed by Allah the All Knowing. 

As I don’t know what my future holds, it scares me. So much. 

But I know above any authorities in the world, Allah hold and protect me tightly. It calms me. More than enough. 

To you Allah,  I fully submit myself. 

That is my resolution.

A full submission. 

Alhamdulillah wa astaghfirullah. 

May Allah forgive all of us. 

Guide me, Allah. 

23:39, 1 Rabiulakhir 1438

31122016, Permatang Pauh


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