Wad 2 Akik

Love and sacrifices.  They are closely related. One cannot sacrifice without love. 

A restless husband. 

A loyal by the bedside mother. 

A keep awake at night young mother. 

A dedicated to a stranger baby nurse. 

All of these and many more are out of love. Love. Is so powerful. 

One can be crazy. Because of love. 

One can be heartbroken. Because of love. 

One can be irrational.  Because of love. 

One can be disrespectful. Because of love. 


Love also can heal. 

Love also can guide. 

But that kind of love. Is true love. 

Like the love of the Creator. 

Full of rahmah. 

Every single tick of clock, the attentions are on us.

Every prayers being granted, with or without our realisation.

Every single steps taken,  is a perfect journey planned by Him. 

That is the love of our Creator. 

We love His creation. 

We cherish His creation. 

We need His creation. 


What about our love to Him? 

13:03, 17 Safar 1438H

Denai Alam, Shah Alam

Side story :

Wad 2 Akik is a post maternal ward.  There are many cases there.  Ada ibu yang kehilangan ank.  Ada ibu yang melahirkan secara normal.  Ada ibu yang terpaksa berenggang dengan anak yang baru lahir kerana komplikasi.  I learnt a lot here during my time to accompany my sister. I see lots of sacrifices from every single person.  This is the human love. A gift from The Lord’s love. 


One thought on “Wad 2 Akik

  1. As how fear and hope correlate each other, so do love and sacrifices. It’s magical how these appear to be against each other in a literal way, yet they need each other to reason one another. Kan ? ☺️


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